Fir is a light wood tending to the color of honey with darker veins, obtained from an evergreen conifer belonging to the Pinaceae family.
It is an easily workable wood, which lends itself easily to painting.



Our best selling tables are made of cedar wood, with an exceptional quality/price ratio and aesthetics.

Cedar is a large mountain tree, native to the western Himalayas and the Mediterranean basin (Cedar of Lebanon). The resulting plank has soft and sweet veins, with little marked contrasts and well spaced, very elegant and sensual.



The tables made of sequoia are very particular and unique, with a reddish brown central part and a white/yellowish side on the side.

Native to northwestern America, sequoia grows wild in southern Oregon and northern California along a narrow coastal strip.



A great classic of furniture, it is among the most used woods for the production of fine furniture.

Oak, brown in color tending to yellow, with medium texture and straight fibers, is a wood with good hardness, stability and durability, qualities that improve in particularly seasoned wood. It represents the right balance between performance and refinement.



Walnut is one of the great classics of the woodwork when it comes to fine furniture.

It characterized by dark tones, which during drying process reaches the typical dark brown color with gray anthracite veins. Suitable for classic furnishings or to give a rustic touch to the environment.



L'olmo è un albero che appartiene alla famiglia delle Ulmaceae, che cresce soprattutto nell'emisfero boreale e raggiunge i trenta metri di altezza. Il pregio di avere un fusto così alto, permette di ricavarne tavole molto lunghe e dalla variegata gamma di venature, che si presentano particolarmente vivaci.



MDF is the acronym for Medium Density Fibreboard, that is a panel of medium density wood fibers: it is a panel made up of very fine wood fibers linked together by special glues, which make the material extremely compact.

It is particularly suitable for the realization of matt and glossy lacquered desks, as it is free of undulations that could compromise the final result of the product.

The production of lacquered shelves in MDF wood takes about 15 working days.

On the site it is possible to configure lacquered desks in any color of the RAL table, however on request it is possible to request colors Pantone and NCS.



If you want your table to be colored, select one of the available colors. Natural water colors are available.

The cost of coloring is 25,00 Euros per square meter.



If you want a finish for your table, choose between a glossy or matte finish.

The finish will tend to slightly darken the natural wood.

The cost of finishing is 25,00 Euros per square meter.



Select a matte or glossy finish for your lacquered top desk.

The cost of finishing is included in the price.



Standard bevel is done on the four sides of the desk top, above and below.

Custom bevel allows you to select the sides of the desk top to be beveled (for example only 3 if wall-mounted).

The bevel has a fixed cost of 15,00 Euros.



The edging characterizes the edges of the table.

The irregular edging (natural, not straight, table edging) is present on the two long sides of the table. The two short sides are smooth and have a regular border.

The regular edging has straight and smooth 90° edges.



Select, if desired, the style and size of the legs for your table.

Contact us for special measures out of the catalog, we have the possibility to make custom-made legs of any color!



Select, if desired, the style and size of the legs for your desk.

Contact us for special measures out of the catalog, we have the possibility to make custom-made legs of any color!



Generally the legs are mounted flush with the edge, at the ends of the table.

If you want a recess, so they are designed to be mounted not flush with the edge, select a size.



Once the order is ready for shipment, the expected delivery times are 24/48 working hours, except for islands and/or areas that are difficult to reach.

The tracking code will be sent by e-mail to track the shipment.



It is possible to select a time slot for the delivery of the order.

It is not possible to indicate an exact day. Delivery is made only on weekdays (or Saturdays, by selecting the additional service).

The tracking code will be sent by e-mail to track the shipment.



The Customer can only purchase the products present on the site at the time of placing the order, as described in the relevant product sheets. It is understood that the image present in the description of a product may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics but differ in color, size or accessory products in the figure.

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In case of non-acceptance of the order, TAVOLI ON LINE guarantees timely communication to the Customer.


The prices shown are inclusive of VAT and packaging.

Payment can be made in one of the following ways:

1 - Credit card: online credit card transactions are carried out on the PayPal site, via a server equipped with a secure https protocol. At no time during the purchase procedure TAVOLI ON LINE is able to know the information relating to the Customer's credit card, transmitted via a secure connection directly to the site of the bank that manages the transaction.
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3 - Bank transfer in advance: the products will be shipped after the payment of the order (Beneficiary: Woodword of Davide Carlo Sardeni - ING Bank Milan branch - IBAN: IT59S0347501605CC0011948184).


The contribution for shipping costs is 19.90 Euros (standard delivery). You can also select additional services such as scheduled shipping, Saturday delivery, telephone notification, and floor delivery. Shipping costs are clearly indicated when placing the order.

Our tables are normally made in about 15 working days from the date of payment of the order.

The products purchased on the site can be delivered throughout Italy, including the islands.
The shipment of the products is entrusted to the GLS courier. The expected delivery times are 24/48 working hours, except for islands and/or areas that are difficult to reach. Any delays in the delivery of the order are not attributable to TAVOLI ON LINE.

For shipments abroad, contact us for a quote.


In order to avoid any kind of problem, the products, before being packed and shipped, are subjected to strict quality controls. If the products ordered on our site are damaged due to transport, it is the consumer's obligation to report the damage in writing (by e-mail) within 8 days of receipt of the goods, indicating the order number, in order to proceed, once the extent of the damage, to replace or repair the product in our exclusive judgment.